Bornholm Energy Island is one of two Energy Islands being planned in Danish waters as a result of the Danish Climate Agreement adopted by the Danish Parliament in June 2020. Bornholm Energy Island will have a production capacity of 3 GW.

Transmission system operators Energinet (Denmark) and 50Hertz (Germany) will construct the electrical infrastructure for Bornholm Energy Island.

The tender process for the offshore wind farms will be conducted by The Danish Energy Agency

Invitation to take part in market dialogue

50Hertz and Energinet are inviting interested parties to participate in a market dialogue. This market dialogue is a process which aims at the interaction between the Employers and the potential suppliers prior to the respective public procurement procedure. Through this market dialogue the Employers seek to improve their market knowledge and receive feedback that can help them optimize their material and their approach to the market. The market dialogue seeks to cover as many relevant topics as possible

HVDC stations market dialogue

HVDC stations - scope of work:

  • A substation on Bornholm where the offshore wind farms near Bornholm and intercon-nectors to Zealand and Germany will be connected. Bornholm substation will be a multi-terminal HVDC solution with AC connection as a backup. Bornholm substation will also consist of a 400 kV AC part, which will be the connection point for the offshore wind farms.
  • A substation on Zealand near Solhøj, where the connection from Bornholm will be con-nected to the existing Danish 400 kV transmission grid.
  • A substation in Germany where the connection from Bornholm will be connected to the existing German transmission grid.

Cable market dialogue

Cables - scope of work:

  • A 1.2 GW connection from Bornholm to Zealand consisting of approximately 5 km of land cabling on Bornholm, 209 km of subsea cabling and 12 km of land cabling on Zealand.  
  • A 2 GW connection from Bornholm to Germany, consisting of approximately 5 km of land cabling on Bornholm, 165 km of subsea cabling and 10 km of land cable route in Germa-ny.

Both cable systems are to be configured as a 525 kV HVDC Bi-Pole, including a metallic return and fiber optic cable connection.

Any questions?

For questions regarding the tender process and market dialogue sessions, please contact:

50 Hertz contact

Stefan Dahlmann

Energinet contact

Peter Lagoni

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